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...because the wood makes the design! 

Furniture made of solid wood is a good choice for you and nature!

Furniture plays an important role in creating comfort and coziness.

The modern furniture industry nowaday offers a large and diverse selection of products made from different materials and in different styles. But despite the changing furniture fashion trends and the many possibilities, one option always remains relevant and popular. The range of furniture from solid wood, such as oak, beech, walnut, elm, ash, cherry, etc. This furniture satisfies the tastes even of the most demanding and rigorous connoisseurs of beauty and quality. This choice stands for good taste, practicality and human well-being. The exquisite natural textures of the wood are unique and make each piece of furniture especially original and outstandingly beautiful.

There are many obvious advantages of furniture made of solid wood, which can not be ignored, such as:

- Environmentally friendly and safe regarding human health;
- Evaporation in the air of useful and healthy essential oils and resins. The natural composition of overcooked wood oil and tree resin perfectly protects the surface from any liquids.
- Robust energy of furniture from the solid wood charges people with positive mood and power;
- High stability, solidity and durability;
- Prevents mold and fungi in the house, as the tree has the ability to "breathe". The solid wood can breathe, absorbs moisture and slowly releases it back into the air - for a healthy, pleasant indoor climate.
- Antibacterial properties, due to the fact that the tree produces phytoncides that can destroy parasites. Solid wood also binds dust and odors, it has an antistatic and antibacterial effect, which is good for allergy sufferers.

The above mentioned advantages make furniture from solid wood an essential and desirable in every house.

At a time when we have to reduce plastics on a global worldwide scale, solid wood as a material for furniture industrie has become more topical and relevant than ever!

Therefore,  over 95 % of our assostment consists of solid wood.

Our service

We specialize in wholesale and projects in the sector of furniture and furniture parts. We import from Eastern Europe and export to Central Europe, Western Europe, Northern Europe as well as Eastern Europe. Due to that fact that we have partners and friends in these countries for many years, we are able to offer you a comprehensive service package. In order to provide a stable, long-term, successful cooperation and of course to deliver the perfect quality, we focus on working "hand in hand" with the producers.  

We offer you as a service:

  • Order processing 
  • Development of model
  • Quality control directly at the production spot with the protocol
  • Monitoring of the production: quality, delivery times, etc.
  • German-speaking and English-speaking contact person 
  • Organization of transport
  • Support and care during trips in the countries where we produce
  • Protection of your brand and models

Our certificates and awards 

If you are looking for a environmentally friendly, perfect furniture trend, then you will always return to the wood!  
The wood is nature!
So  why schould not you enjoy the beauty and the benefits of nature in your own home?