made of solid oak and beech wood. The headboard is available in other fabric, quilting and sizes. 

L - series beds





Bed Zeno

This bed that is higher than other beds. It makes getting up and lying down easier. drawer and panel is optional.

Our HOME OFFICE collection

At home and "Home + Office" in one!

The world of work has changed a lot. Many of us have probably retired to the home office due to the Corona-crisis and noticed how much is possible in the home office. The model of mobile work is the future. Thanks to devices such as laptops, tablets or smartphones, work works from anywhere. But to make things run as smoothly as possible, not only hardware and software are deciding, but also the work environment has to be adapted. We are happy to show you here how simple, sustainable furniture can turn your "home" into a "home office".

WORK series

The series is available in 2 different types of wood: solid core beech and solid wild oak treated with natural oil. A beautiful wood structure and a simple, handle-free look make the office furniture especially beautiful.

Filing cabinet PLUS

The article is available in 3 different types of wood: spruce old wood look, lacquer with a suntanned effect, wild oak, natural oil, core beech, natural oil. Available in all HOME OFFICE series. The quantity of shelves can be freely choosed.

Our bedroom furniture - VEGAN collection

  made of 100% vegan materials

" Vegan design is becoming as popular as vegan food "

Many designers predicted this year, such as at the "Vegan Fashion Week" in Los Angeles that vegan design will eventually become as popular as vegan food. Many believe that this will prevail as soon as alternatives to animal products are more readily available. The consumer about the impact of using animal products in design say that will cause more people to take the next step from a vegan diet to a fully vegan lifestyle. The animal-free alternative could therefore displace conventional materials from the market in the future.

Thanks to its organic composition, the vegan material is 100% natural and is well suited for the very spread consumer target groups, including allergy sufferers. 

The topic "Vegan" nowadays is very popular and actual in worldwide scale. Since we all have to take care of our environment,  we are simply obliged to reduce plasitics and all synthetic materials as much as possible and to return to the nature, also in furniture manufacture.

For this reason, we have developed our Vegan beds with the famous German designer. Here we present innovative products that could revolutionize the furniture and fashion industry. To develop the innovative and vegan product, we need around a year.  

Benefits of our Vegan beds:

  • All materials used are guaranteed vegan, that is without any animal ingredients;
  • The upholstered headboard made of 100% vegan fabric filled inside with the 100% natural coconut core;
  • Metal-free with sturdy plug connection;
  • Thickness of material - 40 mm of solid wood covered with the vegetal - linseed oil;
  • Withstands any load up to 1.000 kg (static, 250 kg dynamic);
  • Assembly and disassembly are uncomplicated and quick to perform;
  • The bed is made with great craftsmanship in the workshop;
  • The environmentally friendly packaging that is made of cardboard only, without the usual packaging materials ( such as plastic, styrofoam, etc.).
  • Possible execution materials: wild oak, core beech, wild elm, walnut.
  • Possible widths: 180 x 200 cm, 160 x 200 cm, 140 x 200 cm, 120 x 200 cm, 90 x 200 cm.

                Our dining room furniture - collection 

made of 100% solid wood

                                        From nature, for nature!                                         
Solid wood is always a natural product! 

With a chair, table or other furniture made of solid wood, you have a piece of nature in your own four walls and at the same time make an active contribution to environmental protection. Every piece of furniture made from solid wood is unique and beauteous!

Some examples

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