We are a young Austrian company. We specialize in wholesale and projects in the sector of furniture and furniture parts. We sell our products directly from our European producers. Since we have no middlemen, so you benefit from a price advantage of 100%! We work with the producers from Ukraine, Belarus, Romania, Latvia and Lithuania. We are proud to offer you products in all product groups such as: living-, dining-, bedroom and much more.

We offer cost-efficient and high quality possibilities for furniture, furniture parts and everything else that produced from wood. Our team has decades of experience in the furniture industry and is happy to share their knowledge with you.

We are looking forward to your inquiry and are available to assist you at any time!

HolZZone a success story 

Dear customers! 

So that you can get an impression of the HolZZone company please allow us to give you an overview of our company. The business idea that led to the establishment of the HolZZone company at the beginning of 2019 was the idea of ​​making foreign producers with their great potential also available for medium-sized retailers in Western Europe. This idea quickly led to considerable success. The HolZZone management's long-term, personal manufacturer contacts were particularly helpful. The existing experience and technical knowledge were and are an important basis for the smooth running of all processes. It is particularly important to the HolZZone company to protect our environment and to use natural resources in a sustainable manner. That is and remains our greatest concern in every business activity! As an FSC® certified company, all HolZZone products are made exclusively from raw materials from exemplary forest management. Together with our production partners, we ensure that the strict European standards of ecological, social and economic activity are adhered to at all times. We almost exclusively use cardboard for our packaging and do not use foils or styrofoam. In addition to the procurement of furniture components for industrial customers, our portfolio primarily includes solid wood furniture from the living and dining product groups as well as bedroom furniture. The processing of individual property transactions is one of the other strengths of the HolZZone company. Our market-experienced and well-known sales partners in Germany and Austria were able to win major customers in retail and e-commerce immediately after the establishment of the HolZZone company, which required the development of extensive, IT-controlled warehouse logistics. Only one year after the founding of the HolZZone company, our success made it necessary to move into a new office with an attached showroom. A constantly growing team is working highly motivated to offer our customers throughout Europe the best possible service. As a team, we continuously develop freshly designed furniture with innovative technology of the highest quality for our customers - and also with our customers. Convince yourself and visit us on our homepage www.holzzone.at. There you will also find our online shop, through which we sell excess stock and second-choice furniture. 

Dear customer, we invite you to contact us so that we can help you realize your special concerns. 

With best regards 

Michael Kammerer
Chief Executive Officer 

Our application regions

Our producers are located in:

  • Ukraine

  • Romania

  • Lithuania

We deliver to:

  • Austria

  • Germany

  • Switzerland

  • Belgium

  • Netherland

  • Luxembourg

  • France

  • England

  • Romania

  • Poland

  • Czech Republic

Our service 

Due to that fact that we have long-standing partners and friends in these countries for many years, we are able to offer you a comprehensive service package. In order to provide a stable, long-term, successful cooperation and of course to deliver the perfect quality, we focus on working  "hand in hand" with the producers. 

We offer you as a service:

  • Order processing 
  • Development of model
  • Quality control directly at the production spot with the protocol
  • Monitoring of the production: quality, delivery times, etc.
  • German-speaking and English-speaking contact person
  • Organization of transport
  • Invoice processing
  • Support and care during trips in the countries where we produce
  • Protection of your brand and models


Nature is the most valuable possessions of our time that we have to leave in the best possible state for our descendants to come!

During the process from tree to furniture the raw materials are constantly being monitored by different systems.

That means that all of our products from solid wood have all certificates and it is understandable and easy to recognize, from which region or even from which exact forest the wood comes from.

Certified wood guarantees a sustainable foresting and a new replanting without disturbing the plant- and wildlife. It also ensures social, legal and safe working conditions for everyone involved in the production chain.

Therefore the seal of approval stands for an environmentally sustainable and socially fair timber industry. In order to counteract the illegal forest destruction, we only use certified wood. It is very important for us, because we love and protect nature! Protection of nature is one of our key values and priorities!

In order for our following generations to also be able to benefit from the most wonderful resource of the earth and enjoy it, we work with love and care for nature!

Wood is just like the world, the more you know about it, the more beautiful it becomes!